Hey there,

Many guitar players tend to forget how important the timing is! Well i’ve got news for you my friends, it’s as important it is for the drummers and for all musicians!

So i made a combo of exercises that will help you master the time. First part is a very old exercise of the great Paul Gilbert and it starts by playing 3 notes per click.

Every new part adds one more note so the next one will be 4 notes per click, then 5, 6 and goes to 7 where it becomes very tricky!

Start practicing the exercise at 50bpm. Begin with the first part – master the first part and then go to the second – then combine them!

After that master the 3rd part and then combine with the first and second and on and on until you master all 5 parts of the exercise.

The goal is to play 1 bar for each part without stopping and with complete accuracy in time.

Watch out cause the between 5-6-7 notes per string if you play even a bit faster than you should 5 starts to sound like 6 and 6 like 7.

So 3-4-5-6-7-6-5-4-3 notes per string and have fun my friends!!

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