Hello guitar people,

Summer vacations are over and it’s time to start practicing again!

In this lesson i choose my favourite scale which is the of course the pentatonic scale and made an odd time lick in 4/4.

This lick is in group of sevenths so if you’re not familiar with sevenths you should probably first master them on a single string/note.

Ok, now that you feel more comfortable with sevenths you can start practicing the lick!

There are actually 2 ways to do it:

Either use your favourite pick ooor Chicken picking:

If you already know the technique, you’ll know exactly how to do it and if not…well i’ll try to explain the technique as easy as i can:

You use your thumb to play the upper notes and your index finger to play the notes below.

Groups 1/2/3/5 have exactly the same fingering so once you play the first shape the lick should flow easily.


Have fun and share the knowledge!



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