Hello there guitar people and SiXforNinE fans!

In this lesson I’m breaking down the solo for the track “Save me” of my band SiXforNinE.

On this link you can check the official video of the band.

First things first,

I’m low tuned to drop C and the solo is in the key of A natural minor. For this solo I’m mostly using the A natural minor scale, some

pentatonic licks and only on the 12th bar there’s a phrase that I’m adding a b5th note to give a more bluesy feel to the solo. Everybody likes the blues right??


  • This solo is not a difficult solo to play in terms of technique but has some tricky bendings so staring of the first bar, use your 3rd finger for the first note and the 4th for the 2nd

in order to make a “double stop” and give that rocking Michael Schenker feel we all love.

  • Next thing you need to watch is the first note on the 3rd bar on which i’m actually doing a micro-bend that if you listen carefully is slightly out of tune and gives attitude as long as the following note is in tune. This is essential in order to not sound bad cause the first note of the 3rd bar is a transition for the following note in the melody that is also the root note of the scale.
  • Same exact technique we have on the 7th bar.
  • The next section of the solo would be from bar 9 to 11 which is a Zakk Wylde kind of way to play a slow ascending melody and give some attitude and aggressiveness to your sound.
  • Bar 12 is the transition to the next part of the solo. Lot’s of pull off/hammer on here but the important thing about this part is that whenever there’s no legato your picking should be

strictly alternate. Of course there are other ways, but that’s the way it was originally done.

  • Bar 13 would the favourite bar of the shredding fans! Here i’m doing a lick on the first box of the pentatonic scale and i’m always tapping on the 12th fret so in terms of fingering this lick

is pretty easy to remember although it sounds more difficult than it is.

  • The second half of bar 14 is the most difficult part cause here the left hand stay in the same place (first box of the pentatonic), the right hand is moving across the fretboard from 12/14/17 fret and each time i tap with my right hand i’m bending the 7th fret with my left hand at the same time. Its kind of tricky and way more free in time than its written on guitar pro so give a careful listen.
  • Last thing you’ll need to watch out is the last note of the solo. In order to produce that nice harmonic you’ll have to tap instantly with your right hand and take it away as fast as you can.


Remember always to practise slow, have fun with it and to focus on your sound. Just pressing the notes isn’t enough 😉



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