Hey there guitar fans,

First of all this Lick is for advanced level players so if you just got into guitar playing it would be a good idea

to focus on more basic stuff.


So, what we have here is a run based on the A natural minor scale with a touch of the A Pentatonic minor scale in the beginning of the run.

It’s best if you separate the run into parts and practice them individually so let’s say part 1 would be the first 13 notes.

There’s an unusual sweep picking arpeggiated lick there based on the pentatonic minor scale. Practice that shape until you feel comfortable playing the shape and then go to the next one which would be the last 4 notes of the first bar.

Combine the 2 of them and practice them together.

The 3rd part would be the whole 2nd bar. Now the only thing you should check here would be that when you reach the 10th note (A) you should hit the note with your 3rd finger and not with your 2nd to get the lick going with a flow.

Practice 1st-2nd-3rd part all together and now let’s go for the 4th which would be the whole 3rd bar.

Don’t forget to practice the run with a metronome cause there are some tricky rhythmic parts there!!


Have fun and if you like the run share 😉


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